Men’s pyjama Frédéric – Cotton Flanelle- Grey

A pyjama in flanelle, so soft!


Pyjamas consisting of a buttoned jacket and trousers with an elastic waistband.


Pyjamas consisting of a jacket and trousers.
The buttoned jacket, with 2 large side pockets and 1 chest pocket, is trimmed with a flat Italian-style collar, with a piping.Its slightly loose fit makes it easy and comfortable to wear.

Made by our workshop, in Paris
Dimensions T L: Bust: 81 cm, Handle: 59 cm, Shoulder: 53 cm
Straight pants, with elastic waistband and fly.
Dimensions T L: Length: 110 cm, Size: 76 cm
Cotton Flanelle, Grey, 100% Cotton
Size available: M  L  XL


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