Importance of a pretty neckline

Cleavage definition: The cleavage starts at the base of the neck, throat, can go down very low and let see or glimpse the chest or part of it, which can also reveal the back and shoulders. The neckline can be very wise or very provocative…

Brief history

The idea of the décolleté was officially invented in the 13th century, even though it was already present before. The etymology of the word is around 1265, with the appearance of the word “escolleter” discovering by letting the neck be seen. Each era has its own dress code, a mixture of modesty or shamelessness, adopting necklines of very different shapes. In the Renaissance, the attention is mainly focused on the upper part of the female body: the throat and the shoulders. It is the appearance of the neckline and the corset. At the beginning of the 16th century, a period of austerity begins; the neckline rises and widens on the shoulders, forming a square or slightly boat neckline. Later, the strawberry appears: to a square or V neckline, are added guimpe and frills, enlarging to finally become a collar. Very fashionable in the Royal Courts in Italy and Spain, Marie de Medici will be a beautiful example. The 17th century saw the emergence of two trends that will last: a more modest fashion of the bourgeoisie and a more daring fashion at the Court. The bourgeoisie maintained the square neckline while at the Court of Louis XIV, the wide open neckline was the order of the day. In the 18th century, the bourgeoisie added a veil on their neckline and tightened the waist. The nobility adopts the balconnet neckline, especially for receptions, highlighting the chest … In the 19th century, the Directoire saw the appearance of Merveilleuses, inspired by the antique fashion, togas, capes, draped, placed on the shoulders, revealing the chest. The 20th Century begins with a period of prudery: turned-up collar, long sleeves and skirts … All in elegance and restraint. Then follow different phases of fashion in correlation with the societal and historical movements: 1920-1940-1968 to name a few…

The décolleté is often the reflection of an era, a way of life, a state of mind, a vision of women. But it should not be forgotten that it is also THE piece of clothing which makes it possible to emphasize an important element of the female body. I seem to remember that the Japanese consider the neck as the most graceful and significant part of the female silhouette. What could be more subtle than letting the neck, the curve of the neck, the birth of the chest… At BLUET, the neckline is the most important part of a dress or a blouse. For this reason, throughout the seasons and collections, we try to offer you models with pretty necklines. So many possible shapes: round neckline, boat, V, heart-shaped…

BLUET’s necklines

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