Why get into nightwear?
It happened naturally; because I didn’t like what was there…

The Origin

Always passionate about sewing, the birth of my children was the trigger: what a pleasure to see my son running around, dressed in the different outfits I used to make for him. But my greatest joy was the day when father and son put on identical pajamas: the pride of the little boy to wear his first boy’s pajamas, just like Daddy! And when my daughter was born, I went wild with pink and flowers…

The Distribution

From pyjamas for my children, I moved on to pyjamas for the children of my family, my friends, friends of my friends … and then, with my little suitcase, I went to present my creations in the beautiful children’s shops in Paris and in department stores. This is how the adventure of distributing my products began.

Adults and the Boutique

From children, the adults came naturally, the range of products was expanded: a real range of nightwear was born, presented in trade shows, thanks to which we exported to the USA, Japan … The next step was the shop: the satisfaction of seeing all the collections together, in distribution each one chooses a part, but also the great pleasure of exchanging directly with the public, to have the feeling of the customer.

The workshop

The pleasure of creating is naturally complemented by the pleasure of manufacturing. In the beginning, the workshop only produced models and prototypes of the collections. Little by little, we made our entire production in-house. What a pleasure it is to see a piece leaving the workshop tried out in the shop by a customer or to see an order leave for Japan…

An art of living…

Nightwear is a universe in itself. At the beginning, my choice was guided by a rejection of all the colourful children’s pyjamas. I was looking for something simple, pure, pretty, quality, a real pyjama. The more I created, the more I realized that it was a reflection of an art of living. To consider pajamas as an integral part of the wardrobe is to give importance to all those moments spent in pajamas! These moments of rest, relaxation, meeting and listening within the family


For women, I found that there was not much between the nighties, hyper sexy, not always easy when you have children, and the nightgowns a bit old-fashioned, not very sexy… Here too, I wanted nightwear that was beautiful, pure, elegant and of quality.

Why nightwear?

Because it’s important to have nice and comfortable pyjamas to sleep well! Our creations are our modest contribution to your well-being…

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